What makes us different

We know the needs of our clients / entrepreneurs

JUDr. Martin Žiak worked as a successful director, executive and co-founder of several companies operating in the Central European region with a turnover of hundreds of millions of crowns. He also oversaw the expansion of a successful Czech company abroad. His unique experience and the ability to act as an entrepreneur equipped with excellent legal knowledge makes our law firm best suited to provide assistance to entrepreneurs and to help them direct their business activities. We understand your needs. Our goal is to provide you not only with professional legal services, but first and foremost with comprehensive advice and to help you to develop your business and achieve your business goals. A good lawyer will prepare a bulletproof contract for you, WE will help you to close a successful business deal.

We offer various business solutions

Today's dynamic times place new demands both on entrepreneurs and their lawyers. Clients expect from their lawyers not only legal advice but also assistance in economic, tax and trade issues. Our primary interest is to get to know your company, business plans and vision. We do not want to be a firm which prepares your contracts only. Our advice will help you two grow and achieve your business goals.

Together with specialists from the fields of law, finance, business and taxes, with whom we work closely, we propose business solutions that not only solve current legal problems but which also prevent legal problems in the future and  support your goals, and that is the success of your business.

We specialise/ we are business field-oriented

We are business and entrepreneurial field-oriented. We focus on comprehensive consulting services related to business activities of our clients.

Moreover, thanks to the experience of JUDr. Martin Žiak in international trade, we as one of the few law firms in Moravia, can offer comprehensive advice to companies focusing on export and import activities.
That includes companies contemplating trading with foreign companies as well as those already established in this field. We combine unique and many years of international experience with top knowledge of the domestic law and the market.