Trademark / IP

Intellectual Property Rights (IP rights) are part of entrepreneurs' property and often represent one of the most important parts of their assets. However, many entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to the protection of IP rights. They mistakenly believe that if they register a trademark, their IP rights are protected. As a result, businesses may lose considerable financial value, or their very existence may be threatened, or they may lose added value.

We analyse your business activities and identify your IP rights. We check whether these rights are protected and how.

We will legally protect your existing IP rights so that no one can claim benefits in the future.

We design and help implement preventive measures so that your IP rights are protected against abuse  by employees, company officials or contractual partners. We prepare contracts defining performance of work duties/position, employment contracts and relevant amendments, non-disclosure agreements, and other documents that will protect IP rights covering your projects.

As for EXPORTERS, we make sure that their brand names are protected around the world where the relevant products are offered.

Entrepreneurs often do not realize that it is not enough to protect IP rights only where they sell their products, but also in territories where they purchase products. We have taken part in several unpleasant negotiations directly with Customs authorities in countries outside of the EU, which detained clients' goods. We will take such legal measures that will protect IMPORTERS from bullying and from extortion-like practices of local companies (suppliers, employees of suppliers, etc.), trying to exploit importer’s IP rights. 

Our common IP rights protection services include:

  • registration, trademark portfolio / trademark management and administration, opposition and cancellation proceedings before Czech authorities / IPO including European / EUIPO, world / WIPO office, as well as before national authorities
  • registration of utility models, patents
  • protection of trademarks and know-how
  • list of licence and franchise agreements
  • test purchases and private searches for possible abuse of IP rights
  • taking over representation in defence proceedings aimed against counterfeiting issues, enforcement of IP rights, including trademarks
  • effective defence against unfair competition