Company Purchase & Sale

We perceive the sale or purchase of a company as a complex matter, so our services are not limited to the preparation of the relevant transaction documentation.

In the case of a Sale we cooperate with financial, tax advisers and business consultants, handle the detailed pre-sale inspection of the subject of the sale (the so-called vendor due diligence) aimed at identifying potential business, legal, financial and accounting risks that may reduce the price of the subject or which may pose a risk of potential liability for defects. The result is a proposal defining and eliminating potential risks and thus increasing the attractiveness / price of the company. We advise our clients to start with this preparatory phase at least 2 years before the planned sale.

Our experience with investing and in private equity enables us to contact and negotiate with potential investors on behalf of our clients while observing the specific requirements of sellers. This selective and discreet approach is preferred by clients for whom the transaction yield is important, but also who want to maintain the development and direction of the company, etc.

In the case of a Purchase / Acquisition, we provide a legal audit of the subject of the purchase (due diligence) and prepare a report on the results of the audit, which identifies risks and facts necessary for the evaluation of the transaction and for the decision on whether to carry out the transaction or not. In the report prepared for the client, we take into account facts necessary for further successful operation of the company or enterprise as well as other specific intentions of the client related to the investment.

As for the legal documentation needed to complete the transaction, this includes in particular:

  • offer (price quotation) letters / teasers, letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements / NDA
  • transfer agreements
  • all corporate documents needed for the implementation of transformations, required approvals of general meetings, partners or statutory bodies and supervisory boards approving the relevant transaction or certain partial steps, legal documentation needed for financing, etc.

Transaction consulting services also cover all related areas such as anti-monopoly rules, obligations towards employees, protection of personal data, obligations arising from the use of European funds, issues related to intellectual property rights and others.