Business & trade

A standard law firm usually provides advisory business assistance as an additional service and these services are often limited to changes made in the Commercial Register. But for us this is an everyday and key part of our work and we specialize in the most complex business cases, often including international issues. We design for our clients solutions that are not only legally correct, but also optimal in terms of tax and business strategies. This includes not only the Czech Republic, but also other countries.

For example, we can help you in the following areas:

Establishment, transformation, administration and dissolution of companies

  • Analysis and selection of the most suitable legal form of companies best suited for your business, establishment of companies or branches for Czech clients doing business abroad or for foreign companies operating in the Czech Republic.
  • Definition of the most suitable company management and administration structure including specification of rules of conduct followed by members of management and supervisory bodies
  • Investor advisory services focusing on mutual relations defined in partnership agreements
  • Additional agreements between shareholders outside of the partnership agreement (e.g. Drag-along, Tag-along, Deadlock)
  • Stock and option programmes for top management
  • Squeeze out, sell out
  • Consulting in the field of holdings and structuring focusing on optimizing taxation of capital gains and dividends
  • Consulting services focusing on implementation of company transformations, restructuring or liquidation
  • Company liquidations

Relations between company, partners, shareholders or members of governing bodies

  • Shareholders' agreements
  • Preparation, revision and negotiation of transaction documentation (share transfer agreements); suspension, pre-emption and other rights related to business shares
  • Contracts defining the performance of relevant positions
  • Partnership and shareholder lawsuits
  • Disputes between companies and shareholders / partners or between individual members
  • Damage liability of members of governing bodies
  • Rights of majority and minority shareholders
  • Consulting services for members of statutory and supervisory bodies, in particular with regard to stricter rules on damage liabilities covering the performance of their work duties including the burden of proof in proceedings against members;
  • D&O insurance for members of statutory and supervisory bodies