Business disputes

We believe that business disputes require more than what standard law firms normally offer. To be successful in a commercial dispute one must have perfect knowledge of the relevant law but also of the following:

  • Strategic thinking and planning. Definition of a clear litigation strategy right from the beginning is a crucial part. We always consider several outcomes and developments of the case and we select and time our steps in a certain manner to make sure that the predefined and customer-approved objectives are reached. Our work in this respect may be compared to the game of a chess player, whose individual moves do not pursue an immediate goal, but rather each move represents a carefully planned step of a winning strategy.  
  • We understand business. Thanks to the fact that JUDr. Martin Žiak worked as a successful director, executive and partner, he understands the business nature of the dispute better than a regular counsellor. This is very important when planning the most suitable strategy for the relevant dispute. Superb knowledge of the law is not enough. To achieve success in a dispute, which includes complex business relationships (e.g. real estate development, franchise), it is not enough to see the matter through the eyes of a lawyer or know the content of the involved contracts or the relevant sections of the law. Our experience allows us to see the case from a different point of view. For example, we can look at the case through the business eyes of our clients or other involved parties.  We base our arguments not only on the relevant legal paragraphs, but also on basic business principles and business practices while taking into account the specifics of the involved industries.
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills. Even if you believe that the entire truth is on your side, success always depends on the legal representation and on the abilities of your lawyer to properly introduce and explain to the other party / court the complex business relationship and translate it into a comprehensible process backed by strong legal arguments. Almost every dispute can be viewed from different angles. The court's decision does not depend only on the arguments raised by the involved parties, but also how the parties present and formulate them. That applies also in relation to the opposing party. Although we have a high success rate in legal disputes, first we always try to direct our clients to reach an amicable settlement.