Business contracts

Preparation of business contracts for our partners is our everyday work. When creating business contracts, we try to help our clients to close the deal and not to ruin the deal by including exaggerated or unfair disadvantages for the other party. When creating contracts, we keep in mind that the reason why our client tries to conclude the contract is not to get payment for possible contractual penalties, but to make profit thanks to successful implementation of the transaction defined in the contract. We place maximum emphasis on the protection of our clients and our contracts and anticipate undesirable contingencies  that may occur in the future. We carefully adjust the rights and obligations of the parties so that the contract regulates the situation that may arise throughout the implementation of the transaction as much as possible, and prevents disputes arising from vaguely defined rights and obligations of both business partners.

When we prepare contracts we take into account the relevant Czech legislation, but also internationally recognized business regulations and practices, such as INCOTERMS, FIDIC, UNIDROIT and others.

Our services most often include preparation of contracts governing B2B business relationships:

  • purchase and distribution contracts 
  • contracts for work or for the supply of technology 
  • comprehensive preparation of contractual documentation for large-scale projects
  • leasing contracts and loan contracts
  • franchise agreements, agreements focusing on intellectual properties and information technology, outsourcing

If a draft contract is submitted to the client, we perform legal and commercial audit and propose amendments.